Knowledge, curiosity, creativity & depression

Curiosity sparks creativity which sparks knowledge

We must constantly spark curiosity within us because from that is where we become smarter and wiser

Inspiration and imagination comes from curiosity and creativity and is why boredom is so important
Being so wedded to one’s own beliefs can stop the flow of creativity.

Depression and creativity

Creativity is something that strikes at any moment and yet for it to happen timing has to be perfect. There have been many studies that show that highly creative humans suffer from mental health struggles one of those being depression. Depression can seriously block one’s creative flow, but how does someone learn to control their ability to be creative and tap into such energy. I’ll be honest I have a bit of my own experience dealing with depression, yet mine’s a bit different because I suffer from bipolar disorder, and with the terrible lows come the highs so I can compare what it is to feel like I’m on top of the world full of energy and filled with creative juices flowing all through my body. Compared to when I’m dull lifeless numb, emotionless, and can’t even describe how I feel to anyone not even myself. I have discovered that by me tapping more and more into my art, and letting go of the chains of my anxiety by submerging myself and being vulnerable, and allowing myself to feel the block that we sometimes feel like a depressed person can we only recover from. Also by simply doing more of what you love even though I understand it can be hard to sing, draw, write, or whatever you are into when you’re depressed the more you do the more, you can get out of your funk and get your creativity back and flowing.

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