How to create your own sunshine

To create your own sunshine, you must first understand the clouds form part of the picture and that you can’t just push them out of the sky instead your best bet is to color them into your idea of sunshine. Also, remember that the clouds sometimes mean rain so don’t forget to bring an umbrella. But after the downpour and stormy weather, the sun returns and brings along a colorful rainbow. You can relate this to life by understanding that in life we all face obstacles, challenges, and setbacks. Yet that does not mean that we should walk away from our battles instead we should face them and or make them work to our advantage because in the end downtimes are only temporary. Try planning but don’t get too attached to those plans if they don’t work out remember God likes to laugh at our “perfect plans” but we can set a road map for what we want in our life, and have that backup just in case a storm weathers in. Just remember as long as you choose happiness and make that a priority your life will always be bright.


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