Just start

Many people have asked me many times what to do if I want to start a business, project, or something else but I am too afraid to start because I don’t have the confidence, materials, education etcetera.

and this is my response:

Just start.

When you want to accomplish something and or get something done getting it out of your head and acting on it can be one of the most difficult things you can do, and once you get over that part then the hardest part is over. I believe It’s because many of us have a fear of failure and many of us will rather not try at all, others will overanalyze every detail and try to manage everything perfectly when in reality failing to understand that there is no such thing as perfection. These are just some of the reasons why people don’t follow or begin to go after their dreams.

I started writing because someone told me to. It was around 2012 and it was because I was struggling with my mental health journey, and they suggested that I journal to get my feelings out, and expressed them through writing. What I did not know was that what would bloom from there would be a career of wonderful journeys.

If I only knew that this was my push to start I would have started long before. To those who feel that they are not confident enough to start, I just want I tell you that I wasn’t either and that we all must start somewhere. For those who feel that they need more materials or equipment to start remember that, all that stuff comes later, and you can always acquire more as you go. Lastly, for those who think education is required sometimes I admit it’s needed but don’t let that stop you from acquiring the free resources that are out there. Remember time is very valuable and if one thing my father would always tell me
“you don’t know the time you have until it’s gone”. Therefore I say like NIKE says Just do it and just START.


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